For some reason I feel like getting back to blogging. Can I still do this tho?
like.. what do you write?
I was going to delete you,
but I had a great time re-reading the whole blog and reminiscing the old days.
That's probably why I'm coming back. I'll write for myself to read in the future.

I still can't believe I used to have the confidence to take picture of myself and have them posted here. Where has the old Steffie gone?

 I'll introduce the new me then.

The past years was funky and crazy. I've finally graduated with and Adv Diploma degree in Fashion Design. I'm now back to Indo and hopefully making my way to the top. After 9 months of procrastination, I finally have the courage to build my dream. I'm building my fashion label , ZAORYAN. Is it a good name? should I use my full name instead? GOD why do I have such long name.

My muse is a sophisticated gorgeous mature confident women who LOVES fashion. Who cares a lot on how she looks, night or day. An overview of the brand, the first collection will have a noble aesthetic to them. A coveted idea of "evening wear as daywear". Providing carefully tailored creations and curated design made to flatter the women body.

ZAORYAN is at 60% at the moment. I've been working at it for 3 full months and hopefully the brand will be ready to launch in May.


That's about it I guess? till then:) ciao!

ah yes, ZAORYAN is on instagram now. check it out for teasers on what's coming! hehe