Happy Valentine's Day

First of all , I would like to say sorry for hacking this blog.
I am not the author of this blog but i would like to post something for her..

So, because today is a Valentine's day , I want to say Happy Valentine's Day to you..
And I would like to say sorry for making you angry,upset or whatever it called tonight.
Then,I know that I'm not a good singer or what,but I am just trying to give something for you in this special day because i have been falling for you from the start.
Anyway,I make this video for you with a very little preparation,so forgive me if it is not perfect.. hehe.. :)

Superman :b

1 comment:

  1. <3 :)
    haha omg. Thanks babe. IT IS perfect for me.
    I know how much courage you need to make this for me since you are really "cool". :pp