There's no 30th this month. and It's 29. sooo. Happy almost 6th months together for us :)
I know this stupid distance is stupid. but I know every each day that passes by brings me one step closer to you. ILY.


Wednesday is now my favorite day. I get to do everything. Room cleaning, assignments, eating around, sleeping around. good day :)) yes I sound like an unemployment. I am. Currently looking for a part-time job. But still considering about working freelance and volunteering everywhere just to add some experience in fashion industry. So that it will hopefully bring me few steps ahead to my future goal. So basically it's an option between money or experience :< can I have both?

hanging on a thread

That happy girl there, She cries herself to sleep


Thankyou <3 

Upper right corner is quite a sweet message that is done wrongly : " whenever you fell worthless, remember you were once the quickest sperm cell" plus a condom writen " Don't try this at home ". haha NERISSA ARVIANA PERVERT BEAST.


 Never thought that I would be the only International Student in my class. It's not easy at all. Not a few times I got to be someone else instead of myself for the sake of fitting in. I had my lunch alone everyday. I used to hate eating alone. I'm hating it more now. I hope that it is just a process that will eventually change. This is the first time I feel like I have nobody. But I believe this is just the beginning of my beautiful life story.
Can't imagine how devastated I would be when my parents go back to medan this sunday ;(

Happy Valentine's Day

First of all , I would like to say sorry for hacking this blog.
I am not the author of this blog but i would like to post something for her..

So, because today is a Valentine's day , I want to say Happy Valentine's Day to you..
And I would like to say sorry for making you angry,upset or whatever it called tonight.
Then,I know that I'm not a good singer or what,but I am just trying to give something for you in this special day because i have been falling for you from the start.
Anyway,I make this video for you with a very little preparation,so forgive me if it is not perfect.. hehe.. :)

Superman :b

Till then

Two and half hours to go. It is now all lies when I say I won't cry cause I'm too mature for it.
I'm scared.
I'm sad.
I'm lost.
I don't feel like leaving.


Can I sing the sad song already? I'm leaving the bloody hometown tomorrow. and still I'm never ready. I'm not ready for the no-servant-no-driver life, but I'm thrilled to try. What I'm really never ready for is the distance between us. I feel devastated just thinking about what if this is the right love but at the wrong time. Well I believe it is not the end. The real story was just about to get started. and I know we will find our way.

" Cause love knows no distance "