Head stuck in the clouds

:) one fine day :)

30th October

.Happy Birthday to me.
:) What do you call a feeling that is so happy that you don't know how to act plus so shy that you feel like digging a hole get inside it and not coming out until people forget things plus so sad that another year passes by too fast plus again very happy. and shy :)
Dear you, ily thankyousomuchhappysecondmonthsulay

Gonna cherish today to the fullest
.Happy 18th birthday again steffie. B more mature and tidy please.

Count your life by smiles, not tears.
Count your age by friends, not years.


So in love when I saw plenty videos on youtube people doing this headband stuffs. and so I decided to make myself one! :D hubahuba

Birthday surprise from his friends right after our dinner . I post it here simply bcs I had the greatest night laugh looking at him so fcked up. lol. 

Luckiest girl

 There are times when friends don't feel like friends anymore. When gap between friends starts to occur out of nowhere. When communication start to blurred out and having nothing to tell each other anymore. Yes it hurts. but that is just how things works. people come and go.

This is why I said october is month of money :DDD 

Those are pictures of birthday dinner for me and my brother celebrating our 3-days-apart chinese birthday at ofla. :) nothing's best than small warm family dinner <3

lol .