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Super short shorts are uber cool !! how I wish to have long legs and sexy ass to wear them :(

Justt posting another picture of the day. ANyway I went to karaoke today and ofcourse I sang lots of songs. Funny thing is.. it kind of relieving in a weird way. Well, there had been something that stuck in my heart for quite some time - That's a secret. And I guess doing karaoke and screaming kind of heal me.
The point is: go for karaoke if u feel sad or confuse or burdened or lost or TINY or anything


ech i el el ooooooo !
Yea I've been disappearing from my blog for a while
1. I gain THREE damn kilos from Bali- which I hv it settled by doing gym nonstop and sugar diet-which I THINK quite working- who cares if it's only my imagination or my geerness- whatever
2. I had been preparing for my IELTS test - which is last saturday. Not sure about it. Impatiently waiting for the result - 24th june 2011- MOMMA!
3. I hv no one to take pictures for me since monic is no longer staying at my home :< self-timer sucks
4. back to number one.

The flower thing are super randomly jayus i know. just randomly grab anything on my table MUAHAHA
please do not realize my chubbiness
thanks for viewing !

The vacay

Hellooo. I've been disappearing from my blog for a while. you know, the vacation! wiheyy. 
That 12 days.
Is like.... nothing better. It's irreplaceable, it's unforgettable , it's fun, it's also sad, it's thrilling, it's memorable, it's unbreakable, it's  reinforce, it's uniting, it's indescribable. 

This trip really left a piece of memory in my heart. In our hearts :)
I really  miss my friends right now
I feel there is something missing as soon as I get home
We do still chat on bbm, but it is no close to the time we had at Bali and Bandung
I'm so going to jot down every single detail of our trip in a secret book
it's just too precious to forget

hahaha I'm literally laughing right now. so many hilarious incident there. Laugh by myself every time they cross my mind.
Anyway, we took so many photos there. too much actually. 
Approximately 3000 pictures from my camera only. 
I decided to pick some way-to-crazy-for-public ones out and upload the rest at my friend's facebook. ;p 
yay. so smart yea.

Weelll here are some of my favorite photos taken there :D ennjoy

It's not my hand anyway

enjoying the beach under thousands stars

Reality: 100000000000 times better

sunset at gili terawangan

hard to blink when you  look at it

handmade clay ;p

What an art

sang two songs at the valley, Bandung

last shot. polonia medan. :'(
thanks for viewing 
x o