Lace is the new black?

I don't really wear laces because I think they are too girly for me. But I'm just deeply in love with this crochet cardigan. It's not too lacy yet not too knitted. Feels just right the first time I saw them. 
crochet cardigan,short./gaudi,shirt/anytime,heels/lesaunda

It has been a wonderful week full of beautiful moments. Fill the one week holiday pretty well I guess. Anyway, something inspires me so much today. We do a little charity with friends, driving around the city distributing foods for beggars, scavengers, and street singers. Then there was this women, she was picking foods from a trashcan nearby. I can barely hold my tears looking at how grateful she was when we gave her that one box of nasi sayur. Those tears that she hold when she thank us and God, gave our hearts a tremendous thrill. Thence I immediately promise myself, no more food wasting, no more diet. I'm gonna enjoy and be grateful of every single bite of my food.


  1. nice outfit
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  2. the lace is not too girly for u. i thik it fits u nicely!!! hehehee. and btw, the story is touching, i guess i'll try to be more grateful for everything as well. thanks for sharing :)

  3. lovely outfit :)

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    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa