Itadakimas !

Duhelloo. Say hello to my new hair! I cut abt 10 cms which kind of 'hurt' but that's alright. I still love my hair thou. The major problem is the stupid fringe I have on my head now. I don't even know why I decided to have this kind of poni again. no no no no no.
Anyway, there is this sushi class at sushitei. It's fun! haha although we don't really get how to make the whole element on the plate instead we arrange the ingredients prepared for us. Good to try. Here r my frankly-not-so-yummy sushi! Haha.

hightlight: stupid fringe

phew :D

He's our tutor. japanese. his english is like super hard to understand. Mostly pretend-to-understand-nod and smile when he teaches us. haha. Anyway, the hand thing means "hello" :)

Free drink compliment

very pretty Sweet potato as desert. it's free as well. HAHA


Thanks for stopping by :) exo.

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