Stuck in the same routine everyday. #work#gym#eat#sleep#work#gym#eat#sleep...
something is missing here :( I miss ME !!!!
Yes I do learn new things everyday, new experience. But I really think I need something beyond that. Things that I enjoy doing . Not that I'm not enjoying whatever I'm doing. I just need some randomness -maybe.

Do I ask too much? Probably but who the hell cares :D 
Am I acting immature? Probably but everything has it's time ?
Is this some kind of phase that I should just suck everything up and do nothing abt it? Still a ?


Cracker smiley man waiting outside the phonebooth : Excuse me, you are holding the phone since 20 minutes and haven't spoken a word!
Man inside : Sir, I'm talking to my wife

HAHA funny? no? alright.

Tanktop/cotton on,skirt/esprit,watch/guess,flats/crocs,fedorahat/mphosis,leaf ring/phoebe and chloe

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