I'm so pissed off! but I don't know to whom I should spilled my anger on. Mom and Pa let me tottally renovate my room, wallpapers, furniture, all. The thing is, I want a victorian style room and dad insists that it is so last year and he want me to have minimalist instead. Yes it is not bad actually, but I really had been wanting the vintage kind of thing for so long. He tell me that it will be hard to find a carpenter to make the things I want. I really don't know how I should act right now. The designer is coming tomorrow for the fourth time and I still have nothing to tell him.

I know I'm selfish.

But it's my room ,right? shouldn't I be the one to decide what I want evendo it will look super shitty? 

I don't know who should I be angry with. The stupid carpenter? my parent? Myself for wanting those?

I end up acting a bit rude and like "chinchai la" to everything. huff.

If anyone have any idea where I can make the furniture please kindly tell me. 

Coolest bookshelf ever

Goodbye dream rooms :(

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