Pardon my title. Gladwin is one of my student. He is my favorite!! aaaaaaa. sooo soo handsome yet so cool! and very good in coloring. He made my day with his smile *cieileehhh*
LOL. okay.

So. it's my 12th day now. haha. Can't explain how pictures of food keep coming to my mind. I lost 4 kgs and I'm actually expecting for more. Probably bcs of some small cheat to cover my crave for sweets. But that's alright! I'm super excited. I love myself more than ever ;p

Yes I go through some starving mode for couple of hours before the next meal. Just keep myself busy to distract my attention from growling tummy. First three days are the toughest one. The rest are like water, flow by the time :)

tank,trousers/zara, outer shirt/pink label, bag/ELLE

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