again, Back alive :)

Ciao lettori :)
I know it's late but Happybirthday to my lovely boring yummy hometown Medan

Unimportant things that happen latelyy:
♥ Ready ? I got 7 for my ielts overall band score ( phhieeeeeeewww boomboom boom !!) well its not like the best score or what. But Seriously ? I'm hella shocked ! since I never take any IELTS prep. It's kinda creepy two weeks waiting for the result. I jumped on my bed for about five freakin minutes when I discovered that freakin score. HA HA HA HA HA . yay me.
♥ I'm an unemployment since may. So.. to overcome the I'mSoWastingMyTime feeling, I applied for a job as a kindergarden teacher at Nanyang *shyshycat*. First july was my first day and.. It's super awkward being called "teacher". struggle super hard to not laugh out.
♥ Brother finally came home for good :)
♥ Having a real hard time losing weight. I hope I could say "whocares" to that 1@#$$ing weight scale

Here are some pictures from yesterday yesterday yesterday and so on. The place is called silalahi. It's about an hour journey by boat from balige, 6 ish hours from medan. Super tiring. The place was kinda boring cz we hv nothing to do but swim. But the view and the clean water are awesome.

one hour from balige

we live here


Rawr ;p

All of the pictures r original without editing :)

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