ech i el el ooooooo !
Yea I've been disappearing from my blog for a while
1. I gain THREE damn kilos from Bali- which I hv it settled by doing gym nonstop and sugar diet-which I THINK quite working- who cares if it's only my imagination or my geerness- whatever
2. I had been preparing for my IELTS test - which is last saturday. Not sure about it. Impatiently waiting for the result - 24th june 2011- MOMMA!
3. I hv no one to take pictures for me since monic is no longer staying at my home :< self-timer sucks
4. back to number one.

The flower thing are super randomly jayus i know. just randomly grab anything on my table MUAHAHA
please do not realize my chubbiness
thanks for viewing !

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