What a week. Not in the mood of doing anything these few days. I feel like everything's ruined and I feel lost. This week sucks. sucks. sucks. 
Firstly, the whole college thing is canceled only bcs I'm not 18 yet. How silly is that? the silliest obstacle ever. Ofcourse I don't put the blame on my agent bcs she didn't tell me of this age thing and that I've booked a plane ticket and also a room. AAAAAAAAAA.
Secondly, the portfolio thing is a mess. I should start from the very beginning. long story. Again, I DON'T blame my agent. At least I tried to.
Lastly, ..................................... forget it. teehee. 

Anyway, happy late mother's day to every tough and best moms.

Some drawings. ;p

Medan is burning these few days. The heat is crazyy. So yes, I hv been wearing tanktops everywhere. ;p

Best mom in the WORLD (sometimes not) haha