Time of my life

Happy sunday everyone :) how's your sundays?
Mine is so boring. I must say, It's the most boring sunday in my life. I went to cambridge with my parents and their friends. We went nowhere but boutiques.Good thing is I bought some clothes. Andd I don't need to go to english tuition today. Yeay!
Anyway, I don't think I will have a good night sleep tonight.
Guess why.
Not that I'm too stupid to past...... Am I? haha
it's just. anything could happen right?!. like like ,wrong dark-circling or wrong information filling or computer error or my paper accidentally folded or left anywhere or blown by sudden wind or a wicked ugly man try to make M2 students failed or a woman? or a girl? or even handsome boy?
okay enough with the shits Steffie!

Some photos taken today. the jumping thing sucks. Jumped like a million times.And only two of them managed to look good (not bad) =.=" 

Super old sneakers. Seldom wear them.

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