My heart beats like a drum

Long time no see steffie! where hav u been ??
Yes I've been really busy these days. Or not really. Actually the only thing that is busy is my mind. I have so many things going in my mind right now and it just -in a strange way- make me feel busy evendo all I do is SLEEP EAT PRAY LOVE.   what?  . Anyway, I decided to sit ielts test on 11th june. I haven't signed for it yet , I just wrote it here as my encourager. So that I won't keep on doubting. gogo me!

And why do I have to face the test so fast? It's because suddenly the agent who take care of my everything called me and said that Whitehouse have another intake which is in August! It supposed to be in February! WHYYY! I want it to be faster but later on I want it to be later then I want it to be faster and so on. I'm officially depressed. Suddenly everything goes like phsiuuuu! damn fast. HELP.

Some late photos of the week. Don't get bored with my face will ya.

The birthday girl :)

Double oreo + kiwi + strawberry. To die for.

silliness of the day ;p
I look like.. asdlfkjasf