Yesterday night was unforgettable, memorable, special, rare, ETC!
Yes, Yesterday was our farewell party.
It was not so-called prom party that gone wild or something.
"We are celebrating our graduation from this school, and we are not going to make it out of control cause we celebrate moments. And it doesn't need anything wild and crazy"
said by our ketua osis.
Well I think yesterday was not the most perfect and fun party ever. But yes, the party will definitely stay in my head and heart forever :)
The party was quite fun and emotional. 
We get to see this video and all the lights were turned off
and YES! watery eyes all over the benteng ball room.
*sad face*
No more highschool No more quarrels with teachers *sori pak(s)* No more hot canteen No more pushing around canteen No more highschool love No more monkey love No more quarrels with friends No more chips in class No more hyena laughs No more handphone confiscated No more brain drain of ways to cheat No more brain drain of ways to hind BBs from BP No more changing sport uniform together No more fishfrogchix killing in lab No more annoying sexy photocopy teacher No more shameless dances in class No more "chaolo" that caused us late No more dirty talks*oops* No more skipping lab for a movie.

There are just too much memories!!!!!!! sob sob sob sob

But Dont get me wrong!
NOT that I want to go back to school hahaha THANKYOU VERY MUCH.
It's just nice to have such a memorable moments in my short-life :)
where friends are just friends without any hidden intention
Okay so this is what I wear to the party.

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