Dang! I'm hell excited!
I'm going to bali and bandung for 12 days with my classmates tomorrow morning <3
The flight will be at 8.40 am to Bandung then Bali.
There are 24 of us, flock of barbars
Well, It's like a dream come true. You know, my parent use to be super protective and don't let me go anywhere with friends. IT WAS SUCKS.
But things changed when I'm at eleventh or twelfth grade. They trust me more since :3 hi hi hi hi
yeah. It is because I'm a good girl *cough*
I mean it! I'm a good daughter, I am very obedient, and most importantly,I do not get caught ;p

Thanks for trusting me mamamon and papamon
even though I know you will always flooding me with texts, calls and bbms.
I love you guys like super.
I promise I won't shop too much


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