Lots of Love on April

CONFIDENCE. yes confidence. I was laying on my bed and suddenly many stupid thoughts crossed my mind. Thought of my future, my so-close-graduation, my love life, myself my..my..my.. And shortly I (had) a confidence issue. And I was filled with one big question."what if". What if I cant? What if they say this? What if they think that? And other what ifs.

Maybe all i have to do is stop thinking. yay! NO! I should deal with this evil mind. And I found the best answer for my big question. "Whatever". well at least I have my confidence back.

Always love Zara dress' cutting. Hid my fatty fatty fat

My favourite ring <3

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  1. "WHATEVER" others said, hold on to your ground. The way to be a successful woman is when they use both feeling and logic in dealing with problems.. not just FEELING..

    so whatever you think, whether its 'what if i fail?' should be change into 'whatever... i fail.. so i just need to redeem myself and try harder next time!!"

    LOVE story? hmmm.. interesting..

    gogo wenwen