Enjoy your meal

I've finally decided what to do while waiting the February college intake. I want to go there ASAP so I can do whatever it is plus I'm dying rotting rusting here. Plus I really want to try  to work and make my own money. HAHAHA yes I love money but who doesn't?

SO! I'm actually waiting for Progress Study Consultancy to ring me tomorrow and inform me if there is actually July intake which mean I have to rush up my ielts test of which I'm so holybigshitly not ready for. as!dfg@#$SF%F :( HELP !

Some photos taken in this week :3 enjoy?

My creation inspired by this super cool webstie :p

Classic waffel at gelato bar. Taste like SUPER. no kidding.

Caramel crunch. :9

Contributed by me :) check it out Here

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